DIY Throw Pillows

When I was getting ready to move into my new house, I decided to save a few bucks on decorating and make my own throw pillows. I already had a bunch of unused pillow forms in the basement, so I used those to stuff the cases I made. If you don't have any spare pillow forms lying around, IKEA has the least expensive pillow inserts I can find, and I actually really like them.

I decided to make my covers with zippers so that I could change the look of my home according to the season or holiday without having to store piles of pillows when they weren't in use (and have it cost only a fraction of the price). If you don't want to bother putting in a zipper, just sew all but one side together, turn right side out, stuff with insert, and sew closed.

After some help from YouTube and my very talented mother, I successfully made pillows for my home. Here is a step-by-step of how I did it:

1. Begin by measuring the size of your pillow insert. Cut fabric one inch larger to account for seams (ex: if your pillow form is 12"x 12" cut your fabric in a 13"x 13" square

2. Face the right sides of the fabric together and pin together.

3. Sew the top and the bottom seams.

4. Cut zipper to desired length (if it is not a predetermined length).

5. Pin the zipper onto bottom seam. Use a zipper foot to sew around the zipper.

6. Unpick the seam where the zipper is located so the zipper and open.

7. Sew the two side seams.

8. Surge or sew a second time around each of the seams to ensure none of of your seams burst open when you stuff the case.

9. Open zipper and turn right side out.

10. Iron and stuff with insert.


Let me know if you make your own and send me a picture of the finished product!

Happy sewing!

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