Breath of Fresh Air

One of my favorite things to do (especially in the winter) is open the windows while I am doing my housecleaning. I have heard a few times that it is good for the indoor air quality to let the old out and let in some new. In fact I have heard that the reason more people get sick in the winter is not necessarily because it is cold outside. Rather, because we all stay inside and keep the window shut tight.

You can open your windows any time. I love to open the windows while doing my housecleaning for two main reasons:

  1. I usually get pretty hot when I am cleaning (especially vacuuming). It is basically the only time (aside from when am at the gym) that I’m not freezing. Thus, creating the perfect time to let a little cool air in.

  2. When cleaning, there are a lot of chemicals in the air. I have started cleaning with vinegar water in place of some of the hard cleaners I used to use. Sometimes the hard cleaners are a must though, and I don’t want unnecessary chemicals floating around in the air I breathe.

What do you think about opening the windows in the winter? What do you do to improve indoor air quality during the winter?




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