My Top 7, Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the only thing I have thought about so far are the pillow on the sofa (I’m amazed I have even made it that far). To help those of you in the same boat as me, here is a list of my top seven, quick and easy, Thanksgiving decorations:



What could be elegant than a few simple white pumpkins? Leave them as they are, or spruce them up with a few berries as done on Ella Claire Inspired.


Upcycle a few leaves from the yard and with a little twine and paint, and voila! You have beautiful and festive banner for your home! (See it done, step by step at Love Paper Paint.)


Every porch needs a few pumpkins this time of year. Make these cute wooden pumpkins any size you would like, set them up in October and you are good to go all season long. (Via: Creative Me Inspired You).


Coming from a large family, the time for personalized name places at the dinner table was never readily available. In fact, we were all lucky if we could count the correct number of plates to set in the hustle of dinner preparations! Thanks to these simple and elegant place settings, we just might be able to set the right number of plates AND make them pretty! Check out how to make these rosemary place cards, step-by-step, at Spoon Fork Bacon.


I always seem to neglect the restroom when it comes to holiday décor… Thanks to P&G Everyday, I no longer have an excuse to let them go completely undressed. Look out soap dispensers, you are about to get festive!


It’s amazing how much a little bit of burlap can do to make it feel more like autumn. Make a burlap banner yourself, or check out Swanky Burlap on Etsy to save some time.


Don’t even bother hunting the craft store for a metallic pumpkin. With a little bit of spray paint, a few pumpkins and a little filler, a fireplace mantle can be stunning just as fast as your paint dries. (Image source: Instagram user randigarrettdesign.)

Let me know if you try any of these out! Send me pictures! I would love to see how they work for you, and what else you have done to dress your home for the holidays.



(Image Credit: Ella Claire Inspired, Love Paper Paint, Creative Me Inspired You, Spoon Fork Bacon, P&G Everyday, Swanky Burlap on Etsy, and randigarrettdesign)

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